Thursday, April 16, 2015

Some laughter for that bland Thursday

Before you start reading this, why not go eat a pickle (they aren't bland at all).

Have you ever wondered what your food is thinking when it see's those scary teeth about to bite down on it.

What would you think?

"Oh yay! I'm about to be engulfed by someone's nasty intestines and be thrown into a pit of dark slimy goo!"


You would be thinking "Please don't eat me, please don't eat me, pleaseeeeeee!!!!"

An example of this was a pickle that found itself about to be engulfed into Austin's stomach yesterday (but luckily for the pickle, he doesn't eat them). 

Look how yummy (I mean sad) it looks.

Will you sign up for cucumber awareness week and not eat your pickles on your chicken sandwich to be an activist for this little guy (I sure won't! Nom Nom Nom... I love pickles).

Since there are not many people out there like Austin who choose to save the cucumber world, I just thought I would make a little petition that I whole heartedly do NOT stand by.

Shall you save the cucumber one bite at a time.

Or please your palette one taste at a time.

I choose option 2...:):):)
Sorry Dill. 

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