Friday, September 12, 2014

Is that music I hear???

Music forms the very essence of every single being on earth. When we meet someone with a different language, we might not understand them, but we can understand their music. If they pulled out there iPod and played their favorite song, we automatically would learn so much about that person.

Everyone has a preference to music; a different musical language. The way the beat flows through your veins determines which music language you are. Alternative is my music language. When listening to alternative music, I can't help but to be totally consumed into the song as if I have been transported to a different planet. 

I think the best form of relaxation is a pen with a journal, a cup of coffee, and most importantly music. Music is all around us. Storms are just another word for music. The way the wind blows, the way the rain paddles on the ground, the thunder; it all forms together to form harmonic unity. Sometimes nature can be the best inspiration for new songs. No matter where you are, music is there to be found. If you are musically aware throughout the day, you will hear it from the second you wake up to the second you fall asleep. Recording the different beats throughout the day and blending them together would form something amazing. 

Music saves the world from being the boring dull place it has become since industrialization has taken over. Imagine how perfect the world would be if everything was nature.  If there were no roads, no buildings, no cars. What if our homes were tents surrounded by trees and animals with the beats of nature flowing through our ears. The music we would hear in this surrounding would be what music was meant to sound like in the beginning of times. Sometimes I wish this was how the world still was. Music and nature surrounding to form a visual and mental peace all around.

Music definitely has a peace about it that is unexplainable and it is always the best medicine for any day.

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