Tuesday, September 9, 2014

animal love

I have always been a huge lover of animals.  I currently own two dogs (Coco and Buster), one cat (Bink), and one fish (Fish).  I had a cat named Whisper, but he recently passed..:( 
Whisper was best friends with my dog Buster.  They followed each other around, cuddled, and slept together at night.  We think Buster has a slight case of ADHD because he is crazy.  He is constantly jumping and NEVER calms down.  Unlike Coco, he loves everybody.  

Coco can be a little mean, but only to people she does not know.  She is definitely a guard dog.  Deep down, she loves cuddling.  Whenever I see her, she runs up to me and does this dance that we like to call, "The Coco" and rubs up against me to pet her.  She is a dachshund/pit mix with beautiful eyes.  

Bink is an inside cat.  He thinks he owns the place.  He likes to cuddle and love, but his favorite thing to do (only with me) is hide and bite me when I am not expecting it.  He seriously only bites me!!! Nobody else... 

I recently purchased Fish for my dorm.  Being away from my other animals is so hard for me, so I decided to get through it to get myself a fish.

I love animals and I think they make the world a more loving, peaceful, better place. Pet owners are the happiest! 

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