Sunday, September 7, 2014

From another's eyes

Different countries fascinate me.  I've always been particularly fascinated in England.  This morning Austin and I decided to find a church.  I googled churches around us and I decided to choose the first one that came up.  This church was exactly like the one we went to back at home. The first thing the preacher had us do was stand up and greet someone around us and tell them our hobby.  In front of us sat these two women from England.  I immediately got excited (and a little jealous of them).  They had just moved here and I thought it was so neat that out of everywhere we could have sat, these two people from England sat in front of us.  I'm going to take this as a sign from God...;)...that I am meant to go to England.  There is no stopping me now!!!  My "England Savings Jar" has started.

It is so funny to me how people all around the world can connect.  We all have something in common and that is our humanity.  A face is just a face,  a body is just a body, a race is just a race.  I love how we can all learn from each other.  We all have different upbringings and that's where the difference comes in.  

What would it be like to switch lives with a foreigner for a day?
I think it would be the most eye opening experience anyone could ask for.
When I was younger, around 4 or 5, I went to Germany with my family.  I can't really remember the trip much, but when I look at the pictures or the videos we took, it immediately makes me want to go back.  The overall feeling of being in a different country is just amazing to me.
I hope I will get to travel the world one day and meet new people and hear there amazing stories on what it was like growing up in their shoes.

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