Thursday, November 12, 2015

Redo Your Closet

I don't know about you, but sometimes (pretty much everyday lately) I look in my closet and literally feel like I have no clothes. Here lately, I can't pick out an outfit to save my life. I feel like I used to be able to dress really cute, maybe I'm just tired of my clothes. 
If you feel like you are in a style rut, try these tips with me! 

1. Color code
This might sound silly, but if everything is color coded in your closet, it's easier to find things that go together. Color code your closet and you'll find pieces you completely forgot about! It's basically free shopping. 

2. Get rid of clothes you don't wear
Get rid of the clothes you never wear. Sometimes I form this attachment to clothes and it's hard to let go, even if I never wear it! Even though it's sad, this will set you free. Just take a deep breath, and do it!

3. See if you have the staples
You should have these clothes as the backbone of your closet. They are the structure!

4. Go shopping
Go to your favorite store, and pick out a few of your favorite pieces! 

5. Get inspired
Last, but not least, get inspired! Look at style icons that influence your look. You can either just be inspired by this, or you can base your outfits off of their! 

Hopefully after we try this, we will be able to find clothes in the closet that seems empty! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Random Make My Day Better Thursday

Sometimes the most unexpected things in life are the ones that truly are great. Don't ever let unexpected things take you by so much surprise as to where you don't enjoy the moment. If you do this, you will have regrets. Remember to find fulfillment in all things you do in order to achieve true happiness. Enjoy the things that make you happy. Get Starbucks every week if that is what causes you happiness (it's what makes me happy)! Enjoy your Thursday! It's almost Halloween!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Current Favorite TV show

The big long wait is finally over and before you know it we will be sitting at Christmas dinner; but let's not get ahead of ourselves because it is finally (insert Chevy Chase drumroll)....FALL!!! Can you believe it's finally here!? 

One thing that has to do with my love for fall is Halloween. That being said, my current favorite TV show is "The Munsters." I think everything about this show is great, oh and did I mention hilarious! If you are in need of a good laugh, watch this and try not to cry from laughter. 

If you are a person that has never experienced the joy of being a Munsters fan, then jump on the bandwagon (or shall I say coffin) and start watching. 

When I was little I must have been brain dead or something because I could not enjoy black and white shows. I hated every single thing about them, but here lately my viewpoint on them has changed tremendously. In dedication to fall, go watch one episode of the monsters tonight!

P.S. The episode (Season 1 Episode 4) where Herman thinks Lily is pregnant is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Snapshots of the Day!

It's beginning to look a lot like pumpkins, everywhere you go

So aside from the normality of Hobby Lobby constantly having some sort of fall item, you know that fall is right around the corner when you see the obnoxious bins of pumpkins parked directly in front of the lovey automatic doors at Kroger (and you know winter is around the corner when you walk past those bins and step on rotten pumpkin guts while reading a sign that says free pumpkins.) Besides the aftermath of these pumpkins, I love fall. I love everything about it; the trees, the colors, the smell, the weather, the movies, the food and the clothes! I've always told myself that I am a piece of fall due to my birthday being in October. Coincidentally, my favorite holiday is Halloween. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and all, it's just fall is so exciting because it's basically the start to all of the good holidays. People might argue with this and say obviously New Years is the start to the best holidays, but I think of holidays in very simple terms; there is Halloween, Thanksgiving Eve(which consists of a day in fasting so your stomach can bloat up really big on actual Thanksgiving), Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Christmas Cool Down, New Years Eve, New Years Day, and the Super Bowl. Since these are pretty close to each other and all chronological, it just makes since that fall is the opening to the most amazing time of the year. While I understand that all of the other holidays are very important, they just are not top priority on my list and I prefer to give the holidays mentioned above all of my love and devoted attention.

Hocus Pocus on TV while pumpkin candles are burning with caramel being made on the stove. Everything outside looks picture perfect; the oranges and reds, deep mahogany and amber. The crackle of the fire on the first crisp night of fall. The unforgettable sky with the full moon and the wolf howling in the woods.

Does anything else need to be said? Fall is magical and these are the reasons that I love it.

When you notice the leaves changing and falling on the ground, take a walk and listen to the crunch as you step on them. Breath in the fall air that's only here for a short while until we get to move on to the next beloved holiday.

It's beginning to look a lot like pumpkins
Everywhere you go
Take a sip of that tea again, cinnamon once again
With candy corn and pumpkins all to grow

It's beginning to look a lot like pumpkins
Leaves all on the ground
But the silliest sight to see is the treaters that will be
On your own front door

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ball game!!

Love sitting at the ball field with my nephew Drew!!!
Go Lauren!!!

Fights with the ref are also fun to watch.