Friday, October 24, 2014

Almost Halloween!!!

Halloween is my favorite part of the year...well actually I say that at Christmas too, but thats not the point...the point is that Halloween is in a week! I majorly slacked on getting my costume this year and did and emergency Goodwill run last night to find something Austin and I could be. After looking for an hour and going through at least five outfits, we finally found the one! I am not going to say what it is until Halloween because surprises are always the best! Ironically enough, there was a car parked in Goodwill's parking lot with a hand hanging out of the trunk and a Freddy Krueger mannequin in the passenger seat (yes, there was a man who got kicked to the back seat so dear Freddy could stretch those legs out). Luckily, the car was in front of us when we left!

After we left goodwill, we were starving so we quickly ate at Buffalo Wings so we could continue our search for costume accessories.  We got everything else at Hobby Lobby and Walmart!  Now all we have left is to make our costume!  Happy almost Trick-or-Treat!

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